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Groups can provide a supportive environment in which to learn and practice skills, to share mutual experiences, to increase ways to relate with or to others.   Groups typically consist of four to 10 people and meet weekly for 90 minutes.  Groups can be a powerful way of gaining insight.  Groups can be attended with or without individual therapy.

Walk & Talk


I will meet established Clients at any number of walking trails or public parks in Forsyth County to engage in walking therapy.  The benefits of activity and the outdoors and nature are well researched and established.  The benefits of parallel activity with a trusted adult is proven to have added benefits to therapeutic goals. For Clients who require modifications, I use a number of locations with accessibility to meet your individual needs.

Life Coaching


As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and National Board Certified Counselor, I am qualified to assist you in life choices, achieving goals, organization, communication skills, relationship issues, and overall wellness.  Techniques and confidence learned is a guidance towards self-reliance and autonomy.  I believe we are all capable of making our own best choices.

Consulting & Trainings


For specialized classes, groups, trainings and speaking engagements, please email or call.

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