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Elizabeth Counseling Commits to & Practices: 

  • Advancing justice & equity for all intersectional identities

  • Culturally affirming & responsive client care

  • Centering the needs of marginalized, underserved populations

  • Celebrating all identities and abilities in all bodies

  • Decolonizing & destigmatizing mental healthcare

  • Dismantling systemic oppression & white supremacy in mental healthcare

  • Honoring the full neurodiversity spectrum

  • Advocating for mental health care accessibility for people with disabilities

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What is Social Justice in Terms of Counseling? 

Social justice in counseling represents a multifaceted approach in which counselors strive to simultaneously promote human development and the common good through addressing challenges related to both individual and distributive justice. This approach includes empowerment of individuals and groups as well as active confrontation of injustice and inequality in society, both as they impact clientele and in their systemic contexts. In doing so, counselors direct attention to four critical principles that guide their work: equity, access, participation and harmony.

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